Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baked Lentils with Cheese

It was a dark and blustery November day yesterday, so I was in the mood for some old-fashioned comfort food. I pulled out my battered copy of the More With Less Cookbook. One of the great things about the cookbook is that a lot of the recipes can be made with things you probably have on hand already. (Lentils? Check. Carrots and celery? Check. Canned tomatoes? Check. Cheddar cheese? DUH.)

I put a bunch of ingredients in the oven, then I went and found something else to do. I came back and added the veggies, threw one of those boxed rice mixes into a pot, then I chatted on the phone with my friend Joe (he's hilarious). Finally, I topped the casserole with cheese and made a salad while the cheese melted.

The final results were really good. I even went back for seconds. Of something that is very good for me. Will wonders never cease?

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