Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have You Seen This?

Check out this commercial where designer Candice Olson draws a Foodtoon. Alas, I have as yet received no royalties.


  1. Her toon isn't funny and it's realistic. FAIL.

  2. Truly, copyright infringement call the layers and get the publicist to call CNN immediately. Protests will begin at midnight bring candles. This can not go down without a fight!!! Rally, the rats, dancing candy corn, and surfing clams we’ll make her regret this. The silly woman what was she thinking.

    Now sound the Calvary Charge!

  3. TERRIBLE. NOT FUNNY. WHY DONT THEY JUST MAKE A COMMERCIAL THAT SAYS "Kraft, we're not anywhere near as good as Hellman's SOOO...we're going to overcompensate with extra (AHEM UNNEEDED) seasonings... our sandwich LOOKS good, but it'd be WAY better WITHOUT our product!"

    If you couldn't tell, I hate Kraft. BTW, Dollar Tree Mayonnaise tastes more like Hellman's than any other kind. Just in case you're kinda broke and must have it. You're Welcome.