Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Rite of Passage

The Army Dude and I were sitting on the deck at his house, having just finished a dinner of grilled chicken, pasta with arugula pesto, and sliced tomatoes, and we started thinking about dessert (as you do). I suggested we make S'mores since the grill was still hot.

Then the Army Dude asked me if I knew how to make S'mores. I honestly thought he was pulling my leg because everyone knows how to make them. Also, as an army dude, he's basically spent the last 20 years camping for a living. He explained, "There is something called Light and Noise Discipline. We don't light big campfires and then sit around toasting marshmallows and singing 'Kumbaya.' That would make it easy for the enemy to find us." I guess that means that in combat situations, army dudes sit around in the dark and talk about their feelings.

I decided this was a situation that had to be rectified with all convenient speed. We went to the Summit General Store, where they helpfully place the S'mores ingredients all in one place, right up front. We heart them. Then I taught the Army Dude how to make S'mores. Next time I'm going to teach him some Girl Scout songs to sing while the marshmallows toast. Baby steps.

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  1. Odd, it says General in the store's name. You'd think that the military would be in on supplying their soldiers with the fixin's for s'mores all in one place too...HMM.