Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday Farmer's Market

You know how, 'round about this time of year, you lose your cooking mojo? You feel like it's getting hot, heavy food doesn't appeal, and salads get boring? How time spent in the kitchen is time not spent enjoying the too-short New England summer? No? Well, it happens to me.

So I went to the Aquidneck Island Grower's Market looking for fresh produce and inspiration. Upon arrival, I put up my psychological Yuppie shield so that the annoying Yuppies (you know who you are) that often frequent farmer's markets could not disturb my inner fabulousness.

Imagine my delight when, toward the end of my shopping, I met the Queen of Quince. (No really, she said so.) Talk about fabulous! Barbara Ghazarian, author of Simply Armenian and Simply Quince, is - as the back of her cookbook says - a true original. Passionate about Armenian cooking and the quince, she is friendly, fun, and eager to share. She described recipes so well I could feel myself putting on weight just listening.

But comfort food is only part of Simply Armenian. Many of the recipes are fresh, light, and healthy - perfect for summer cooking. I bought the cookbook, and then went home and made the Carrot and Toasted Pine Nut salad (page 91) that Barbara had mentioned. It was beyond delicious and so simple to prepare. If you want to introduce some healthy recipes into your repertoire while maintaining your reputation as an awesome cook, buy this cookbook.

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