Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Should Have Known Better

The Orange-Balsamic Glazed Chicken Rachael Ray was cooking the other day on 30 Minute Meals looked like a good idea. Something new and different! Everything is already in my kitchen! Ready in half an hour! It's an unusual flavor combination, but that might be good! The sauce makes a glaze for the chicken!

Within moments I was printing the recipe from the Food TV website. I was undeterred by the fact that the only thing missing from the list of seemingly unrelated ingredients was dehydrated yak. I forged ahead. I followed the directions even though I could see the glaring error of making the sauce with the chicken still in the pan. I was tired and hungry, so I ignored the little voice inside my head saying "Mistakes are being made!" The sauce never became anything except sweet balsamic vinegar with the occasional piece of bitter orange rind in it, and the chicken did not patiently wait for me to figure this out. It ended up like the bits of chicken in Lipton Cup-A-Soup, only less appealing.

And the greens? I still don't know what they were. They were from a friend's garden and she had said to cook them like spinach. I didn't realize how much longer they would take to cook, though, and after the chicken cooking fiasco I just served them up and ate them. I felt like a bunnyrabbit working her way through a dandelion patch.

Thank God for Ben & Jerry.

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