Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She Had Me At "Moo"

The Army dude and I went to the Washington County Fair this weekend, where I made friends with a dairy calf named Annabelle. We didn't get a good picture of her so I drew you one. You're welcome.

Annabelle was cute and surprisingly cuddly for a farm animal. She is going to grow up and produce my favorite food group. What's not to like? As for Annabelle, she clearly knew an animal and cheese lover when she met one. We're BFFs now.


  1. You double checked she's a dairy producing cow right? Just would have regrets about drawing her lovely eyelashes if she were... ya know... (shhhh a beef-producing cow).

  2. Yes. When I walked up to pet her I said, "Oh no, she's going to put me off cheeseburgers forever." Her owner assured me that Annabelle was a dairy cow. :)