Sunday, August 8, 2010

Breakfast And A Show

My friend Leppy has started a tradition this summer of Sunday mornings on the front porch. She sets up an electric kettle and a coffee pot, and she brings out good bread, butter, jams, and fruit. Stopping by there is an excellent way for me to procrastinate on my weekend To-Do list.

This morning there was drama when a young lady started yelling in the street, expressing her view that Victor should remove his overweight posterior from the house of what we could only assume was the young lady's rival for Victor's affections. A screaming discussion ensued between the young women over which one should do something anatomically impossible, which ended when Victor followed his girlfriend up the street. They made slow progress. From what I could tell, Victor wasn't enjoying being loudly berated all the way home.

My friends and I, of course, had to check out this young god who had two women yelling in the street over him. Much discussion ensued, but we never did figure out why they bothered. We appreciated the entertainment, though. Who knew breakfast could be so exciting?

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