Friday, January 14, 2011

Fine Dining At The Madonna Inn

The Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, CA

Until my friend Annie sent me the link to the Madonna Inn, I didn't think anything could be awesome enough to compare to the now-defunct Gobbler Inn & Supper Club. Gentle readers, I was so wrong. I deeply, deeply love this hotel. The Madonna Inn has 110 rooms, two restaurants, banquet facilities, a cocktail lounge, and shops, each decorated in a different theme. It appears that the owner's wife does a lot of the decorating.

It also appears that her favorite color is pink. The inn has a lot of it. It seems as if, when decorating the Gold Rush Steak House, the owners looked at each other and said "if less is more, just think how much more more would be." No expense was spared. The "pink rose" carpet -- which features blooms that are bigger than your head even if you're related to me -- was custom designed. I think the pink banquettes might be a custom job, too.

The restaurant has won several awards including the "Best Meal Where Someone Else Pays" award in 2008. That's because it's pretty pricey: the Surf & Turf features Australian lobster and costs $91.95. I'm guessing that the overnight shipping fees from Down Under cost a few gold nuggets.

Not in the mood for a fancy meal? Why not try the Copper Cafe? It boasts a Continental atmosphere -- which, if "continental" means "looks like a bar crossed with a merry-go-round," I can totally see.

Before you turn in, why not stop by the Classic Gourmet & Wine Shop? It's classic. It's gourmet. It has wine.

You can admire the faux-rock decor while you shop for treats to take back to your room.
And what a room it is! This one is called "Lucky Rock" because -- like many of the rooms at the Madonna Inn -- it features rock walls. It also features embossed walls and a tiger-print carpet. It's just the place to get a good night's rest before heading out to your private limousine tour of the wine country.

What's that? You say this room doesn't have enough pink? Tune into my Third Floor With Water View blog this weekend, where I'll discuss some of the many, many room themes available.

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  1. OMG, I think you have covered all aspects of the Madonna Inn and they should donate a percentage of their upcoming room sales to you! Love it!