Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Know If You've Been Bad Or Good

This is the picture I promised you yesterday. I made treat bags over the weekend for the boss and all the fishermen. Inside there are brownies made from scratch and dipped in chocolate. About half of them were sprinkled with peppermint dust the Army Dude made by taking a bag of starlight mints out to his workbench and showing it who's boss. (We've been referring to it as "magic dust" and "crack." We probably should not do that when my nieces and nephew are here.)

To cover the brownies, I used Wilton's Candy Melts that I bought at Michael's, and which I highly recommend. The chocolate is already tempered so you just melt it in the microwave set on medium power. No problems with it seizing up or developing a bloom after it hardens.

The Army Dude was concerned that the packaging was too cute for a bunch of guys. As it turns out, what they've really been worried about is that their bags say "naughty."

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