Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cute Food Is Always Better

I don't know about you, but I usually fly the sort of airline that gives you nothing more to eat than a tiny bag containing six peanuts no matter how long the flight is.  Cheap, I mean to say.  So these meals on EVA Air's new Hello Kitty jets didn't just appeal to me because of the incredibly cute Hello Kitty shaped butter pats.  I'm shocked find myself saying it about airline food, but those meals look rather tasty, colorful, and attractively presented.

Look at the cute bento boxes they give to kids!  I wonder if they would give me one of these if I asked really, really nicely.

Unfortunately, traveling in Taiwan is not on my agenda any time soon, and that is where EVA Air  is based.  But you know what would make up for my disappointment about that?

One of these aprons, that's what.

P.S.  I discuss EVA Air's adorable acoutrements that would ease the pain of airline travel over at Third Floor With Water View.

Images: EVA Air via cnngo.com.


  1. yes cute food looks and probablt tastes better :)

  2. Oh, how I'd love an adult version of this while on a plane. I always end up bringing my own food. Most airline food tastes like crap and is horrible for you to boot.

    Wow...I'm really impressed with these. I wonder how much more exorbitant the ticket is because of them?

  3. oh em gee. I need to fly this airline; I love Hello Kitty.