Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breakfast With Betty

It's the most important meal of the day!

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like: beef soup with hotdogs. Waking up to that would put me in a bad mood for the whole day.

The well-buttered English muffins and yellow color scheme are not cheering me up at all.

Lamb chops and kidneys? Really, Betty? For breakfast? I don't think even the British -- who are known for greasy breakfasts as well as excellent muffins full of nooks and crannies -- eat like that first thing in the morning. Here's hoping Penny Dreadful, our Girl On The Street in London, stops by to weigh in on this.

Ah, now that's more like it. What's more All-American than processed breakfast foods made in Battle Creek, Michigan? They're Grrrreeeeaaaat! Let's see what Betty suggests for stir-ins and toppers.

Jello and mini-marshmallows. Why did I not see that coming?

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