Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Another Manic Wednesday

Contrary to what you probably think given all the treats I've been posting lately, this is the type of thing I tend to eat during the work week. Alas, a woman cannot live on chocolate alone - or at least not unless she wants to get as big as a hippo or work out two hours every day.

Here's the thing about a stir fry. If you decide you are going to make it into an art assembly project by using fancy knife cuts and insisting on eleventy kinds of vegetables, you will be prepping it until doomsday. If, like me, you limit the vegetables to between one and three kinds (depending on how much you have on hand of each), and you chop them like a normal person instead of a Martha Stewart wannabe, you can be eating in half an hour. And that includes making rice.

This particular recipe is healthy and really good, especially in the spring when pencil-thin asparagus is in the stores. It could be done with chicken, I suppose, but the great thing about tofu is that you can prep it without having to declare the cutting board and counter a hazmat area and dealing with it accordingly. That's why it's smiling.

Also note that the asparagus spears are not only smiling, but are also sporting some pretty fancy bouffant hairdos. That's a lot of fabulous for one meal.

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