Friday, October 30, 2009


Friday is my night to relax in front of the TV in my pajamas. Lately, I’ve been watching Project Runway episodes that I DVR on Thursdays. I love me some Project Runway. Models of the Runway, not so much - but it’s like a half-hour of bonus Project Runway footage. So I watch.

The problem with Models of the Runway is that even though they are all stuck in a house together, there is generally very little conflict. The girls are all a lot nicer than I expected a bunch of hungry models to be. I get cranky if I get low on ice cream, let alone if I was subsisting on yogurt and carrot sticks like they do.

If I was living in a house with a group of gals, I’d be organizing big, family-style dinners. I’d be the one saying “Who wants to roll a bunch of meatballs? I’ll make a sauce. Somebody get the garlic bread ready to go into the oven.” Next thing you know, we’d be Plus Size Models of the Runway. Which, I assure you, is the only reason I’ve never been asked to model for Project Runway.

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