Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Steamship Round

This is my first foray into Culinary “Art.” I drew it about a month ago, and I’ve grow so much as an artist since then. I was trying to explain to my friend, via email, what a Steamship Round of Beef is. I think it’s disgusting, personally, and I call it “Cow Butt Suspended From The Ceiling” – which I admit is not as pithy and catchy as “Steamship Round,” but it has the advantage of being more descriptive.

I’d been to a fancy-schmancy dinner that had a Steamship Round carving station at the end of the buffet line. I could not get across the sheer cave-man quality of a cow’s hindquarters dangling on a chain and being carved in front of people who were practically knocking each other over to get to it. I don’t know why my friend has never seen a Steamship Round before. I understand that he’s from the midwest where the customs and foodways are probably different, but still. He was in the Navy – and a submarine is a ship, right?

So I drew him a picture, and holy cow, it turns out that some of those old sayings are true – a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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  1. I know this drawing was created a couple of months ago, and as you stated, you've grown as an artist... but this is pretty much exactly what is behind every GUYROW (gyro) shop counter.