Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kale Is Cool

Kale is having a moment.  What was once a relic of peasant cooking and Victory gardens is now the darling of foodies everywhere who are finding out what grandma knew: kale is delicious and good for you.

This month's Eating Well magazine had some wonderful green soup recipes by Anna Thomas, the author of Vegitarian Epicure.  I made the Basic Green Soup using kale instead of chard since the soup is designed to work with any combination of greens.

Another change I made was that I added the vegetable broth at the same time as the kale instead of at the end.  Winter greens make a delicious pot liquor that brings a lot of flavor to the party, and I wanted time for it to meld with the vegetable broth.  It just goes to show you: if you want to know about peasant food, ask a peasant.


  1. Here's another example of the apple and the tree. I have kale in the 'fridge right now just waiting to make green soup which is today's recipe du jour. Thanks for the idea of putting it into the pot early.

  2. Have you ever tried kale chips? I could eat an entire... -- bunch? head? -- of kale if it were in chip form.