Sunday, April 17, 2011


Here's something I love about The Foodie: not only will he sit with me at an impossibly tiny table and drink hot chocolate out of delicate china cups, he will actually suggest it. I love a man who is not afraid of a place with cloth napkins.

In the middle of an afternoon filled with sightseeing and browsing in food shops, we stopped at Angelina, a teahouse on the Rue de Rivoli which is decorated in the belle epoque style and staffed by waiters in coat and tie. We ordered L'Africain, which is an incredibly rich hot chocolate served with a big bowl of whipped cream on the side so you can add as much or as little as you like. We also ordered toast with jam. We were served big, thick slices of bread that had been generously buttered and grilled, with little pots of butter, jam, and honey to accompany them.

I sipped my hot chocolate, looked around at the lovely, old-fashioned decor, and said to The Foodie "I am so happy right now."


  1. hmmmm love people like that!!!:) xx

  2. I loved reading about your yummy trip to Paris. Beautifully written and very funny.