Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pretty Cool

I've been thinking about this Mobile Foodie Survival Kit ever since I saw it in InStyle magazine. (What? It advertised "10 Style Rules You Should Break" and I needed to know what they were. It turns out I'm breaking them all, but not necessarily in a good way.)

I'm captivated by the idea of having herbs and spices on the go. Or maybe I'm captivated by the idea of needing herbs and spices on the go: spending the month of July in the Hamptons, or renting a condo in Barbados for a week in February. Or most exciting of all, being on an Everest expedition and needing a little wasabi to perk up my dehydrated yak.

The whole kit is about the size of a book, so I could easily fit both it and my NOOK into my luggage and be ready for all literary and culinary emergencies that may arise. I'd be like a slightly nerdy superhero.


  1. Slightly? Haha just kidding. You should have real sugar packets in that kit. I'm always getting stuck at people's houses who don't have real sugar on hand - only pink, blue and green packets.

  2. HA! I KNEW that would make either you or Chris comment! *rubs hands and cackles*

    Agreed on the sugar. How do people bake without real sugar in the house?