Monday, October 25, 2010

Paying My Dues

Team Maria consists of a handful of people who are fans of my blogs, and who believe in my creativity despite a great deal of evidence that I don't have much of a knack for making something of myself.

I received notice from the Team Maria President (who is also my career manager) that annual dues needed to be paid by today. They've gone up since last year, which is either a sign of the economy or a sign that I'm more of a drama queen than he aniticpated when he took on a part-time job with no salary.

Here you go, J. I hope you like anchovies.


  1. Its important as the President of Team Maria Inc., to be compensated commensurate with the increasing value of the Team Maria Inc. enterprise and its future growth and prospects. As I briefed stockholders in yesterdays teleconference, we may have missed Global Domination this year, perhaps we need to aim a bit lower at say, venues like Saturday Night Live or Jay Leno. Subsequently, next year dues will increase. They will have to include blue cheese, assorted (to include BBQ) hot wings and grilled hotdogs. And NO PINEAPPLE ON THE PIZZA!!! who puts PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA??? that violates Man Rule #459. (No fruit in beer is #425)

  2. True, Maria, everyone knows J is a 5 Guys man. None of my Suite 600 men would allow me to enter the room w/ a pineapple-laden pizza (I've tried).

  3. And here I thought he'd object to the anchovies...

  4. For some reason, my BA guys are against any kind of fruit or veggies on their pizza. Don't ask me. I guess anchovies fall in the middle somewhere.