Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winter Health Advisory

It's very important to stock up on these essentials in case illness strikes:

1. Comfy blanky. I like a throw, but a Snuggie would be nice too. Drag the comforter off your bed if you have to.

2. Old-school sitcoms. For my money, The Golden Girls is still the best. Feel free to watch something else if you must, but I can't be held responsible for the results.

3. Tea. I like it like I like my men: hot and sweet.

4. Chocolate. If I have no appetite for chocolate, I don't need a first-aid kit, I need last rites.

5. Cat. Optional but highly recommended. A dog would be good too. The point is, a warm body to snuggle up with, who doesn't care that you haven't brushed your hair or your teeth.

6. Foodtoons. Hey, you've got nothing else to do. Hook a sister up with a few comments before you take a nap.

Liberal application of all items is recommended until patient improves. And if you want to take an extra day off and continue with the regimen - just to be on the safe side - it will be our little secret.

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