Monday, August 27, 2012

The Paleo Diet: Rich in Irony & Vitamins

I know I've mentioned before how this particular diet makes me laugh, but now there is a shiny magazine available at a subscription rate of $30 a year (6 issues) devoted to "The Paleo/Primal Lifestyle and Ancestral Health."  In it, there are lots of ads for things like fish oil supplements and snack packs of paleo trail mix that cost $3.50 for each 2.3 oz. pack.

It's good to avoid processed foods. I get that.  But there is something hilarious about the idea that it costs a lot of money to emulate the lifestyle of our paleolithic ancestors, particularly when it's because the dieter wants the same convenience his Cheetos eating neighbor enjoys -- and that the neighbor will probably live longer than the average person in the paleolithic despite his Cheetos eating ways.


  1. Yes, I hear you. Is it really that complicated to eat properly? How many books do we need on the subject?!

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