Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kon Tiki Tucson

When I heard about the Kon Tiki in Tucson, AZ, it immediately went on my list of things I must do on this trip.  Fortunately, my friends here are willing to indulge my taste for kitsch.

The awesome starts outside the front door.  There is even a sign that says "Welcome to paradise."

The Kon Tiki was built in 1963 to look like a Polynesian temple and has never been updated.  The kitsch factor is high.  IN AN AWESOME WAY. 

The menu had things like Monkeys on a Stick which were actually beef kabobs, and there was an impressive selection of "Polynesian" cocktails designed to get you pie-eyed in one sip.  I opted for a virgin pina colada; BFF in the background there had a frozen mudslide.  She grew up during the depression and is therefore made of tougher stuff than I am.


  1. Living through the Depression definitely makes for ubertough.

    Kon Tiki Arizona? How thoroughly frabjous, love it!

  2. That looks FABULOUS!
    There was a similar place in Austin, but it closed---wah!
    I loved to get their flaming drinks served in these big flat bowls.
    Have you ever seen any of the Tiki artwork by an artist named 'Shag'? You should give it a good googling---I think you'd like it.

  3. Awesome - you went! I kind of wish I had gone for a pina colada (or something creamy) too - I saw someone else's and it looked 80% less lethal than my mai tai.