Saturday, April 24, 2010


I just know this is how it starts. One week I'm dreaming of cake, the next week I need to be weighed on a truck scale at a DOT weigh station.


  1. I'd rather dream about cake (which I do, and often) than the dream I had the other night...

    I dreamed that I was playing solitaire. REALLY??? Is my subconscious really that boring? Sad but true.

  2. Maybe you were just dreaming in symbolism and you were dreaming of Gram because when I think of yellow-cake and chocolate frosting, I think of Gram. Also, Boston Creme Pie makes me think of Gram. And Christmas cookies. Okay food makes me think of Gram. Never mind, my theory is crap.

  3. A real team player would share their cake dreams by bringing in CAKE to their favorite office across the hall!